Usuarias de, estáis invitadas a opinar sobre esta propuesta:

Sugerencia: Postular a Jortage para ahorrar espacio de disco en Mastodon

Opiniones de otras usuarias son bienvenidas también.

El 9 de junio, en una semana, tomaremos una decisión.

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@icaria36 going through the thread I see a lot of mentions that all our stuff is in English; it's unfortunately the only language I speak, and I seldom have time to spend learning more languages that aren't programming languages.

I believe our documentation has stabilized and would happily host a Spanish translation; you can see it at

The documentation previously was sent via email and changed frequently; it's now on our website so I can just send you a link.

@unascribed Hi! No worries, as long as you speak Linux command line I bet you're good for this project. 😎

I've launched a call for feedback today, and we will decide to use Jortage or not in a week. I don't expect opposition but community is community and process is process.

As the admin who has to recover the server when it hits 100% capacity, I'm looking forward to this. 😅

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