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Propera xerrada fediversal el dissabte 15 de setembre a les 19:30 hores al Ateneu la Bòbila de Porta al barri de Nou Barris en el marc del Free Software Day organitzat per, us hi esperem a totes!

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I think if the "fediverse" were to have a logo, it should make use of the space analogy. Make it a graph between stars, with some stars in the background. Not just a very generic graph.


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I published a new release that fixes an issue with live notifications on some devices (Android 4).
It also fixes an issue with holes in home timeline and slowness when scrolling it.

More details:


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#Mastalab 1.31.0 has been released.

What's new:

- Manage profiles for battery (settings -> optimizations)
- Pick up another language inside the app.
- Toast messages more visible


- Some fixes with the home timeline
- Dashes are no longer included in tags

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I will be starting the upgrade to Mastodon v2.6.2 for all instances hosted on now.

You should expect less than a minute downtime, some time during the next couple of hours.


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It's Black Friday! Sign up today and get FREE event hosting! Or tomorrow. Or any day, really.

That's because your free hosting is covered by our generous patrons who keep this service online and available to everyone. Thanks to everyone who continues!

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Good morning! Deactivated my personal Twitter account yesterday. And deleted the Mastodon fan page on Facebook, along with the temporary account I had created for it ☺️

Fediversal boosted is adding ActivityPub federation support and cross-posting to Mastodon

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Estem preparant el programa de xerrades i tallers fediversals de la trobada anual de les xarxes lliures. Encara ets a temps de enviar la teva.

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Do you speak a language other than English?

Do you want to help the Fediverse grow?

Here are the official localisation links for some Fediverse projects:




Are there any other Fediverse translation pages that should be mentioned?

#Fediverse #Translation #Localisation #Localization #Languages

Rustodon - is an Mastodon-compatible federated social microblogging server. It utilizes ActivityPub to federate with a constellation of other servers, connecting their communities with yours.

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please participate in my survey concerning fediverse software development.

it will help to influence how Pleroma and other fediverse project development is done in the future.

please also consider boosting this, so more people will take the survey.
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¿Quieres ver los carteles de los encuentros fediversales?

Vols veure els rètols de les trobades fediversals?

Do you want to see the posters of the meetings?

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