Arriving from the demonstration in Graz, hopefully people vote against the nazis on sunday.

An additional good morning wish for everyone facing freezing temperatures. I wish you warmth and safety, and the support to get those things. ✨

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Il Buscopan e il caffè insieme non vanno bene. Sapevatelo.

“En 24 horas, el régimen del usurpador ha detenido:
2 periodistas venezolanos
2 periodistas chilenos
2 periodistas franceses
1 periodista colombiana
1 periodista español
1 productor venezolano
1 fotógrafo colombiano
1 conductor
11 trabajadores de prensa EN UN DÍA"

(Arnaldo Espinoza)

"In 24 hours the usurper regime of Maduro has detained:
2 Venezuelan journalists
2 Chilean journalists
2 French journalists
1 Colombian journalist
1 Spanish journalist
1 Venezuelan Producer
1 Colombian photographer
1 talk-host
11 press workers in ONE DAY”

(Arnaldo Espinoza)

@Wewereseeds @Efi one place to start is the book Afrofuturism by Ytasha L Womack.

There's also a whole lot of fiction. Check out people/Magazines like:
Fiyah Lit
New World, Old Ways
Phenderson Djeli Clark
Nnedi Okorafor
K. Tempest Bradford
Sofia Samatar
Nk Jemisin
Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Rivers Solomon
Nalo Hopkinson

Not all of these are strictly afrofuturist, but many of them are or they build on afrofuturist foundations

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