"[T]he call for a #CitizensAssembly cleverly sidesteps any internal movement bickering... It says: we know what the problem is and we want a more legitimate, more democratic way of solving it."

Article: Kick ‘em all out! Citizens’ Assemblies and the next democratic revolution


Look, if hopepunk isn't your thing, I get it. But you don't get to downplay its revolutionary nature just because you are a pessimist.

@Wewereseeds @Efi one place to start is the book Afrofuturism by Ytasha L Womack.

There's also a whole lot of fiction. Check out people/Magazines like:
Fiyah Lit
New World, Old Ways
Phenderson Djeli Clark
Nnedi Okorafor
K. Tempest Bradford
Sofia Samatar
Nk Jemisin
Alexis Pauline Gumbs
Rivers Solomon
Nalo Hopkinson

Not all of these are strictly afrofuturist, but many of them are or they build on afrofuturist foundations

Cringe is part of the general slipping of right wing terminology into everyone else’s vocabulary and as a communications major I am sick and tired of people acting like it’s just a phrase that doesn’t have its basis in mocking other people. Full stop, think about the context of how you want to use it and ask yourself: would bad work here? Or awkward? Or uncomfortable? It’s one thing to cringe at something. But something being cringy is usually shorthand for a different dog whistle.

today at Women*s Action Forum Graz, planning actions for the 8th of March , ,
waf.mur.at @sciss

a green new deal needs to include a shorter work week as most our energy consumption comes from work/traveling to work

Serious recommendation: if you like solarpunk, look into AfroFuturism. It's been around -way- longer, and tbh, solarpunk was probably inspired by it. The aesthetics and ideals often overlap, and there's way more lore and fiction to read! Also, you'll be giving a platform to people that have great ideas and need the attention.

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Habt ihr das hier schon gesehen? Es sieht vielleicht aus wie eine altmodische Goldstickerei... aber es ist gleichzeitig auch ein Computer! o.O
Cooles Projekt!


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Patriotism: a willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons.
-- Bertrand Russell

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Enough is Enough: **#Saxony-Anhalt: Bucket wheel excavator occupied in open pit mine #Profen – Solidarity with #HambiBleibt**

"Statement by a group of autonomous activists, who occupied a bucket wheel excavator in the brown coal opencast mine of Profen earlier this week."


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**Universal Basic Income Is Easier Than It Looks**

"This is part two of a two-part essay. Part one can be found here.

Calls for a Universal Basic Income have been increasing, most recently as part of the Green New Deal introduced by U.S. Rep..."


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"Symbiosis is a network of community organizations across North America, building a democratic and ecological society from the ground up. We are fighting for a better world by creating institutions of participatory democracy and the solidarity economy through community organizing, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city."


So I cast off my 2018 temperature blanket on Jan 1st and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I knit one garter stitch row every day for 365 days based on the daily high temp for my city. It was a very rewarding project. #knitting

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