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A-Infos: **i-f-a: Anarchist does not vote, fight! Anarquista não vota, luta! By Fenikso Nigra / IFABrasil - Black Phoenix / Federal Anarchist Initiative Brazil (pt )**

"We consider elections are a part of a corrupt, oppressive and exploitative system. This is not new, at the origin of the modern conception of anarchy that is around 250 years old, the option of anarchy has always been …"

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@polymerwitch i think about this a lot. we’ve agitated and we’ve educated — it’s time to organize!

Anarkismo: **Trespass 3**

"New issue of the open source online journal about squatting In this issue, which is online and freely distributed, you’ll find a translation from English to Dutch of a journal article about how a moral panic was generated to enforce the criminalisation of squatting in the Netherlands and a translation to French of a brief text about migration on Idomeni in Gre…"

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La rebelión de las palabras: **[Fanzine] La Distribuidora Anarquista Polaris traduce y edita “Animales Sedientxs de Libertad”**

"La Distribuidora Anarquista Polaris comparte por mail el nuevo material que han editado, una traducción del fanzine “Animals Thirsting for Freedom” que nos presentan con la siguiente introducción. Para leer online o descargar: Portada Interior ————————————-…"

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So with Bolsonaro now immediately moving to sell off the rainforest to have it bulldozed raided for resources and farmland what are we going to do to counteract that? We'll need to plant a ton of trees and plants to make up for it. I was thinking of starting a joint research effort to identify the fastest growing and largest trees native to each region so that we could disseminate guides to get people planting them.

Just wanted to remind folks that listen to #podcasts that The Good News Podcast is a great way to follow up news podcasts with something uplifting.

"Fridge0 is a design for an offgrid, solar powered fridge, with no battery bank. Using an inexpensive chest freezer with a few modifications, the fridge retains cold overnight and through rainy periods."

This video about robotics and its possibilities for disabilities treatment is great

This diagram from the Manual of the Kawai K-1 MkII would make an awesome tattoo

La rebelión de las palabras: **Pintadas anarcofeministas en la sede de VOX en Ciudad Real**

"Recogemos de Aleva esta noticia y las fotografías que la acompañan de algunas pintadas en la sede del partido fascistaVOX en Ciudad Real. Según la prensa local de la ciudad manchega, esta sería la cuarta vez que el local de …"

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Triste de compartir material genético con alguien cuya última acción del año 2018 ha sido matar un hermoso venado albino. Que asco me da la caza deportiva!!!!

♲ Rights International Spain ha destacat ‘la preocupació’ d’experts en drets humans ‘per la situació a Catalunya’ en el seu informe anual del 2018.- #LlibertatPresosPolitics #Usvolemacasa…

So I discovered this app called PlantSnap which is pretty cool. It helps you identify plants from a photograph of the leaves. Just take a good picture of the plant and it checks a database and gives you a shortlist of which plants it could be.

Seems to work pretty well for me so far, anyway!

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